Today H2 Global has become a respected search consultancy worldwide. Our mission is to provide solid results that meet our clients’ search criteria and be expeditious in finding particularly pertinent candidates on a global basis.

H2 Global’s network spans Europe, New York, the Middle East and Asia. H2 Global works on both a contingency and executive search basis.

Business Sectors

Core Banking, Payments,
Risk Management,
Energy Trading & Risk Management,
Private Banking / Asset / Wealth Management,
Cross Asset Classes, Treasury.

Resourced Positions

CEOs, Managing Directors,
Regional Directors, Sales Directors,
Managers, Sales & Sales Support.
Outside the ‘commercial’ realms roles include Heads of Delivery,
Project Directors, Programme Managers and Project Managers.

Robert Hamilton, CEO H2 Global

Within the financial technology business, Robert Hamilton is widely considered to be the leading head hunter providing the greatest longevity, constancy and global proficiency.

Based in London, Robert is available to schedule travel meetings with clients and candidates across Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and New York.



On being invited to search for a required individual, H2 Global seeks to understand not solely the requirements and nature of the role but also the chemistry of the organisation.


All too often recruitment companies match paper with paper – job descriptions to resumes on their databases. H2 Global meets with the CEO and the hiring manager to ascertain the type of candidate who would be the most pertinent for the role, considering both professional attributes and personality match.

H2 Global then initiates the search process employing research and general head-hunting techniques. Possessing a solid network of global contacts, H2 Global never advertises and acquires potential candidates exclusively through recommendation and referral. This approach affords a level of due diligence and hence a high comfort factor when deciding which individuals to target.

The candidates obtained from this process are interviewed to assess the level of ‘fit’. The client is kept abreast of developments during the process as often as they wish to be and at conclusion of the search no more than 3 – 5 candidates are presented.

The entirety of the search details can be provided to our clients on request. H2 Global arranges interviews between the client and candidates, providing feedback to both parties.

Once the client has decided on the preferred candidate H2 Global will assist with and advise on the negotiation process best employed to secure the preferred candidate.


The H2 Global Terms & Conditions of Business document is available for download in PDF format.


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